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Take Your Video Advertising To The Next Level

Video Creation is the most powerful marketing tool for engaging with your customers.

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Take Your Video Advertising To The Next Level

Video Creation is the most powerful marketing tool for engaging with your customers.

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Custom Video Production & Advertising

Custom Video Creation

Need a video created for any reason? We have the talent to create a video that will generate results beyond your expectations.

Video Marketing Package

Includes direct response video creation and marketing across all applicable video platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc).

YouTube Marketing

If you already have a direct response video you have confidence in, we can design a marketing program to utilize the video to its maximum potential.

Leverage the power of television and video production

to tell your story, build your brand, engage with your clients, and accelerate your marketing and sales.
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VA Loans - You've Served Your Country Well

Teamed up with Affinity Mortgage, LLC to produce a video advertisement to attract veterans and their families applying for a home loan through the VA program.

Cavalia Brand Lift Study on YouTube

Increase on Google.com of branded search traffic of 1,296% by those that viewed the YouTube video. Overall brand interest lift of 535%.

Happy - Let Us Save You Thousands

Worked with the Affinity Mortgage team to create a video advertisement for their mortgage clients, ultimately conveying the underlying theme of being HAPPY with their mortgage broker.

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About Video Pattern

Video Pattern is the marriage of Emmy nominated direct response video creators and elite digital marketers. Our goal is to add transparency, tracking and results to videos designed to capture your prospects in the time period they are considering your products or services. With over 40 years of video making and 40 years of digital marketing amongst our founders, we have the tools and experience to transform your business.

Emmy-nominated Marketers

Our experience with TV and video production, live & web event series, and marketing and messaging strategies will set your business apart.

Serving Every Corner of the Globe

Our strategies help serve every client, from small to large, and for-profit to non-profit.

Diligent Team Work

Our team works diligently with each client to help maximize return on investment through measurable results.

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